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About Lelypharma

The manufacturing of medicines requires reliability, precision and meticulous procedures. This is something we, as a renowned Dutch manufacturer, think goes without saying. The people working for Lelypharma have mastered their craft like no other. But we want to do even more for you. We have an entrepreneurial and creative spirit. We like to work with you. Lines of communication are short. We aim to provide you with an answer to all your special and urgent questions. Is one of your products about to be out of stock? Then we will make every effort in order to offer you a solution as quickly as possible. Try it, and you will be pleasantly surprised. About the service. About the price. About the speed and creative solutions. Become as satisfied as our customers.

Lelypharma als werkgever
Lelypharma als werkgever


One world, many opportunities

Europe is quickly becoming one single market. This offers many opportunities to increase your own market. Lelypharma is happy to support you in this. Using research, development and all of the work necessary for your registrations. Lelypharma is specialised in packaging medicines in any desired manner and providing information in various languages and for various countries. Your European manufacturer par excellence!

Our customers sell the products we make for them across the globe. We assist them with product-related documentation and certificates for registrations. We also offer turnkey manufacturing, packaging and shipping for our customers, if so desired.


Lelypharma from 1997 to today

Lelypharma is a contract manufacturer. The company started its activities in 1997 under the name of LelyPenicillins BV. At that time it solely manufactures penicillin-based products for human consumption. In 1999, the structure and name of the company change to Lelypharma BV. The veterinary pharmaceutical industry becomes a second market. In addition to penicillin-based products we now also manufacture other antibiotics and miscellaneous drugs for a wide variety of conditions and treatments.
By partnering with reputable customers from the pharmaceutical industry, Lelypharma expands its activities to the current format in 2001. We operate internationally. For many products, we support our customers in arranging the registration files in the European format.

In 2008, the surface area of the company doubles in size thanks to the purchase of the adjacent warehouse. In 2013, Lelypharma constructs a second cleanroom of 600 m2, or 2300 m3, at that location. The state of the art cleanroom is penicillin dedicated and ideally suited for the production of moisture-sensitive and penicillin-based products, such as the combination of amoxicillin/clavulanic acid. This increases the flexibility for all our customers.

The workforce has grown significantly over the years. In 1999, at the time of the name change to Lelypharma BV, 10 people worked for the company. Currently our team consists of over 50 devoted employees. Our full-size laboratory has 11 employees. Three pharmacists work for our company, who can all vouch for the quality of our deliveries. And still lines of communication remain short. Our growth is continuing steadily.

In 2013 LelyPharma’s human licence was extended to a full licence; in addition to the penicillin-based products we may now also produce different powders, capsules and tablets for the human market.

Lelypharma als werkgever

Why LelyPharma

  • Flexible
  • Efficient: little overhead, competitive price
  • Quick response – short delivery times
  • People who think from the client’s perspective: immediately discussing solutions
  • Quality: the highest standard for your products
  • No own products: no conflict of interest


‘Excellent performance’

“Vet-Schroeder + Tollisan manufactures health products for carrier pigeons. We mainly focus on the recovery of gastrointestinal functions and the respiratory system. Our company has moved from Germany to the Netherlands. From Kerkrade we export our products all over the globe. Pigeon racing as a sport is booming, primarily in China, and gave rise to an increasing demand for our products.
Lelypharma manufactures various health products for us, which we can market worldwide. The company is very good at collaborating with us. We are the ones who determine the composition of our products. And together we discuss how we can manufacture those products. They then develop a product with excellent properties in terms of shelf life and solubility. Lelypharma delivers an excellent performance in delivering those products. The products’ quality is always top-notch.
Lines of communication are always short when it comes to consultations. You immediately get the right person. Even when it comes to urgent requests they’re happy to help you where possible.”

Johannes Jakobs, Vet-Schroeder + Tollisan

‘Flexible and quick’

“AST Farma manages a product range of more than 150 veterinary drugs. Lelypharma manufactures all of our pills. In their new cleanroom they also make pills with amoxicillin/clavulanic acid for us. Lelypharma is flexible and quick to respond. We can turn to them for smaller quantities. This is a huge advantage to us because we operate partially in small markets. Lelypharma can manufacture practically anything. Slow release pills or coated pills, they can make basically anything, which we really appreciate. They’re also very flexible with packaging. They provide many different shipment options – large and small – to many different countries.
In the last couple of years, Lelypharma has become increasingly strong in product development, research and stability studies. Legislative requirements are becoming increasingly important. Reports and certificates are becoming increasingly important and extensive. They do an excellent job of supporting us with that.
There’s a very open atmosphere. We can discuss anything together and the people at Lelypharma are quick to respond to suggestions and questions. They immediately get to work based on your needs. Outstanding!”

Sebastiaan Tesink, AST Farma