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State of the art
Lelypharma has advanced equipment for each production step. Our modern production facility in Lelystad has two cleanrooms, built to pharmaceutical standards (up to class C, GMP EU Classification). Both cleanrooms feature an up-to-date, fully equipped production line with weighing and mixing equipment, as well as machinery for tablets, granules, sachets, capsules and blister packs. There are multifunctional packaging areas. In addition, each production line has the necessary (in process) analysis and control equipment in order to ensure the quality of our products.

Lelypharma als werkgever


  • weighing with barcode control
  • mixing of bulk powder mixtures
  • wet granulation
  • dry granulation
  • tableting using fully automatic round runners or excenter presses
  • capsulation
  • sacheting
  • blistering of tablets
  • packaging

We can make trial batches for you with the same machines used for manufacturing your products.

Facts & Figures


  • Mixing: 5 to 1,000 kilos per batch
  • Tableting: 450,000 tablets per hour. 3.6 million tablets per day
  • Sacheting: sachets for 2,000 kilos of powder per day and any size
  • Capsulation: 1 million capsules per day
  • Blistering: 30,000 blisters per hour. 240,000 blisters per day
  • Lelypharma can produce both small and large quantities easily.


  • class C (GMP EU classification) 
Lelypharma als werkgever


In product development, we think from the doctor’s and end user’s perspective. For example, we have specialised in the use of flavouring and aromatic substances that facilitate the administration of medicines. We also make tablets which are easy to part. We develop exclusive stamps for breaking tablets into convenient dosages for our customers.

Taste modulators
Lelystad uses additives which make it easier for animals to ingest your medicines. We specialise in taste modulators. What could be better for veterinarians and those with animals than animals ingesting their medicines as if part of their daily diet!